Chantal Burnison discovered a substance that could change anti-aging treatment entirely. Elastin are the fibers that keep your skin young, fresh, and taut, but as we age the elastin levels in our skin decrease. Without high levels of elastin, skin is prone to lines and wrinkles, but with Chantal Pharmaceutical's Ethocyn skin care line, skin can have the elastin fiber content of 20-year-old skin, at any age.

Chantal Pharmaceutical Corporation produces an entire line of Ethocyn products, each with revolutionary ingredients that penetrate the surface of the skin to keep you looker younger from inside out. Our cleanser and masque remove dead skin cells to reveal a fresher, more vibrant skin surface. Concentrated and powerful Ethocyn Essence Serum is then used to introduce elastin fibers beneath the skin, helping your skin to bounce back and resist wrinkles. Finally, our moisturizing lotions and body sprays finish off your skin, hydrating and tightening your skin so that every inch is fresh, young, and beautiful.   

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